A Day on the Delta Clearwater – Alaska

The Delta Clearwater river is about an hour and a half southeast of Fairbanks Alaska. The canoe trip consists of: Eight miles of paddling and fishing on the brilliantly clear D.C., then into the massive glacier fed Tanana River for three miles, then a mile and a half up stream paddle through a slough and finally another mile or so across Clearwater Lake to the takeout. The river trip by itself is spectacular but when you add world class fishing for trophy quality Arctic Grayling, you have wilderness perfection.


Lake Powell Shore Fishing Techniques

Got no boat, got no problem!  Not everybody has access to a boat when they visit Lake Powell, but that shouldn’t keep them from enjoying the great fishing we have here.  Lake Powell is taylor made for bank fishing.  There is no brush lining the bank which provides miles of fishable shoreline for the boatless  angler.  In this video I highlight some key areas and techniques that will help you land a few.