Pine Lake, Utah

Pine Lake sits just below the Aquarius Plateau in the Boulder Mountains only 17 miles from Bryce Canyon.  You would might think it would be overrun by the crowds but you would be wrong.  While Highway 12 and Ruby’s Inn make you feel like bees in a blender, the eastern choice at the junction, John’s Valley Road, didn’t make the brochure so a little quiet can be found. Rainbow Trout abound in the lake and can be caught using anything from Power Bait to flies (Damsel Flies are the predominant hatch)  The wind blows A LOT through the saddle, so this reflection was a rare sight.   pine lake-Kolab Trout copy

A Big Memory on Antimony Creek


Sometimes the biggest memories come from the smallest things
You can pay for grandeur and not match the joy they bring
You can’t find these memories in fancy shops, you can’t find them in what you own
They exist in priceless moments that the threads of time have sewn
You can’t plan to have, you can only hope so slow down, look around
Let the world rotate within your mind, smell the air and touch the ground
Put yourself on the banks of a crystal mountain creek
Then let it go, let the day, decide what you seek