I am eclectic. I have chosen the path less traveled with diversity as my beacon. I revel in the challenge that will most likely result in failure. I believe that the only thing that matters in my life is who loves me when I die. I think that wasted minutes are sins, that we were given gifts and it is our obligation to get the most of them.

I have been given the gift of art.
I draw. I paint. I photograph. I film. I sing. I strum. I write. I create.

I have been given the gift of love.
I teach. I coach. I nurture. I father. I husband. I give. I forgive.

I have been given the gift of gumption.
I try hard. I dream big.

My goal is to use my artistic gifts to help those in need. I want to leave a trail of myself behind in the lives of those who have bettered themselves because of them.
IMG_5786 copy

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I enjoyed your video, moved along at a satisfying rate, and informative. Would you be willing to share what fly you used in the video? Any suggestions on places to fish in Face

    • Thanks Henry,
      The fly was just a simple marabou with some silver flash I concocted on my bench. Nothing fancy at all. Any minnow looking pattern would work when they are fired up. Fish the cuts, crevices and the few shelves all the way back into the back of Face for Large and Smallmouth (and maybe a Walleye). Anywhere there is a place for a bass to hide. Structure in Face is limited so those spots that have shade and a little cover usually hold fish. Tumble weeds in a cut are beauty. Avoid fishing the slick rock. Graph the points and humps in the mouth and the first mile of the canyon to where it starts to narrow down to find stripers. There are a couple of really big schools that patrol the start of the canyon.

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