Timelapse #2

I tried another timelapse a couple of days ago and once again botched it better than the Chicago Cubs.  As is true with most genre of photography, proper planning is advisable when attempting the technique. There should be no “Hustle” involved in the endeavor.  For this shoot I most definitely hustled and didn’t realize in the dim early morning light that I had managed to frame Lake Shore Drive in with the beautiful rock formations of Lake Powell. You can see the traffic whizzing by  on their way to Wahweap in the bottom right corner and exiting nicely in the left center of the composition. A fine cluster f#&k of photographic skill if I’ve ever seen one.

A few other things I have learned:

You will be shooting for an hour or more so take a few essential items for the wait such as coffee and beer, the latest issue of “Ink” magazine so that you can catch up on the latest tribal arm band and tramp stamp tattoo trends and of course you can’t forget the toilet paper in case you are ambushed by last night’s salsa. Oh, and definitely don’t forget your smart phone so that you can tweet about the emergency excrement you just created.

Scout for the perfect composition at least a day in advance and don’t try and throw something together at the last minute.

Arrive early so that you can set up your equipment without a hurry.

Make sure that you have fully charged batteries in all equipment.

If you are doing a sunset/sunrise shoot plan on dealing with bright to dark or dark to bright lighting conditions, so picking the proper exposure is critical.  If you set your shutter speed and f-stop to expose for the low light then your highlights will be blown out.  If you expose for the bright then your lowlights will be too dark.  On this attempt I think I exposed too much for the highlights and ended up losing a lot of the great low light colors and on my last one of the full moon I exposed for the lowlights and burned the later part of the morning.  Next time I think I will expose for the middle of the time lapse.  I’m guessing for a sunrise shot that it will be somewhere around ISO 100, shutter speed at 1/200 and an f-stop of 16.

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