My First Timelapse

I was headed out to do some shore fishing a couple of mornings ago and noticed the moon setting as the sun was rising.  It was spectacular light so I flipped the truck around to photograph the beauty.  I had been wanting to try some timelapse photography and I figured this was the perfect opportunity to dive into it.  The problem was that I was losing the scene minute by minute as the moon dropped toward the western horizon and I was a complete punter when it came to the techniques.  Driving fast and taking chances, I finally skidded the Honda to a stop next to some great looking sandstone outcroppings overlooking the Echo Cliffs and the Paria Plateau and began to set up my rig.  So many settings to set in such a short time…… ISO, f/stop, shutter speed, portrait vs landscape, zoom, tripod level,  intervalometer etc….. I cast a wish up to the photography gods and pushed the start button.  Every five seconds my new intervalometer snapped a still photograph and I sighed a sigh of relief that I had actually got the farging contraption to work as the sun cracked directly behind me.  I had at least forty five minutes to go before the moon set so I headed back into town to get a cup of coffee.  I nailed it, I thought, what could possibly go wrong now?

When I returned,  I found out.  Can you spot my mistake?  It’s like a big green nasty booger on the nose of a Playboy model!


I tried to crop the booger out but I had to cut so much image out that I lost sharpness and detail.  Oh well, I learned a ton and the next time I’ll nail it for sure.  Or, most likely, bung it up in some other way!


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