noun: nomenclature

  1. the devising or choosing of names for things, esp. in a science or other discipline.
    • the body or system of names in a particular field.plural noun: nomenclatures
      “the nomenclature of chemical compounds”
    • formal
      the term or terms applied to someone or something.”“customers” was preferred to the original nomenclature “passengers.””




Mullet – Male


Fullet or Femullet- Female




Skullet- Bald on top


Rat Tail – A sleeker version. More business, less party.


Combustullet – Mullets that like combustable engine sports such as Drag Racing & NASCAR.


Hockullets – Hockey players and fans


Homullet – Homosexuals


Firefullet – A female with naturally red hair – No shit!  I’ve seen one @ a Cicle K in Superior Arizona but it was too dangerous to get a shot.  My wife can vouch for me, I swear.





Eurullet – European Decent, Caucullet – Caucasian, Canadullet – Canadian, Frenchullet (pronounced French oo lay)- French etc….


Afrullet –  African Decent, Congullet – Congo, Kenyullet – Kenya,  Ethiullet – Ethiopia, Botswullet – Botswana  etc….


Indiullet – Native American Decent, Navullet – Navajo,  Apachullet – Apache, Cherokullet – Cherokee etc…


Asiaullet – Asian Decent, Chinullet – Chinese, Japullet – Japanese Mongullet – Mongolian etc…


Latinullet – Mexullet – Mexican Decent, Chilullet – Chilean, Colubullet – Columbnian etc….





Beaver Tail

Trucker Mud Flap

Tennessee Top Hat

Canadian Passport

The Yep Nope

The Yope

The 10-90

Mississippi Waterfall

The El Camino

The Dixie Chandelier

The Short Long or Shlong

The Missouri Comprimise

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